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Comenius Spain - travel diary

Friday, 19th February 2010

Today was the beginning of our one week trip to Spain with the European project – Comenius. We started the journey exactly at 7.30 by travelling to Warsaw. A 3-hour train trip was comfortable and pleasant. Then, we went by bus to the Okęcie Airport. We took off at 3 pm and landed at 7 pm. In Madrid where we had to change the plane to get to La Coruna. Our flight ended  at 10.45. After getting our luggage we left the terminal and finally met our Spanish partners who were waiting  for us together with their parents and teacher. It was a warm welcome. After “the hugs and kisses” each of us went home with the host family. Despite being tired, we couldn`t sleep till late at the night. This day was so exciting. We expect the week in Ordes to be full of adventure…

Saturday, 20th February 2010

Today was a very fascinating day!!! In the morning we ate delicious breakfast and later we had some freetime, so…  We went for a walk with our partners and their friends. We saw a river in Ordes  and we were in the park. Then we went for dinner. At 4.30pm we went to the museum of costumes. We saw different costumes , from Poland too. Later we went to the “karting track”. There was  a lot of  fun!  The small cars are very exciting to drive. Later we saw the “carnaval parade”. We saw people wearing crazy costumes. We took a lot of photos of them. We could hear very dynamic music and we could watch how Spanish people dance. Later we come back to our hoses and we could do what we wanted, because we had a lot of energy!!!

Monday, 21th February 2010

On Monday I got up at 7.45, because Christian and I had a bus at 8.30 in the morning. I took a shower and I ate breakfast. At 9.00 o`clock we were in school. We visited the school. It is very big and modern. We saw a chemistry class, biology class, English class, PE, teachers room, IT class. We took part in English lesson and kids from Spain asked us about everything. Next there was a 30 minute- break. We ate something and went out off school. When we arrived, we went to the class and draw some pictures (landscape and portret). After lesson we went for lunch to Christians house. At 4.30 pm we met with other people and we saw presentations and films from Poland, Lithuania and Spain. This presentations were about projects in our school and about our school in Pszczyna. Then we went to a drama class and we saw a performance about music in Galicia and a very funny show, because it was about some people who did strange things. After the drama we went with our partners to the place where everyone  could play some instruments. Fernando and Nuria played drums very well. Next, we went to our houses and had dinner. Now I`m going to sleep!!!


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